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Save with the 'Shot-Maker'

About Our Shot-Maker Card

If your an avid Range-goer looking for the most bang for your Golfing buck, our Shot-Maker Card could be the perfect option for you, and the concept is pretty simple... Simply load your Shot-Maker Card with the dollar amount of your choice, then use those funds toward discounted Range Bucket prices. Think of it as 'pre-paying' for your Range balls & earning an exclusive 15% savings by doing so... Not to mention it's super convenient and very easy to use during each visit.

Here's how it works: Present your card (or give us your name) and order up your favorite size range bucket, and the discounted bucket price is automatically deducted from your card balance... How's that for nice & easy. Golfers can load any amount they choose on to their Shot-Maker account, and your balance will never expire!

Other Shot-Maker Notes

  • Cardholders may 're-load' their cards any time in any amount (up to $500)
  • Unused balances do not expire, which meansyour balance carries over seemlessly from year to year
  • Be sure to join our 'Rewards Club' too, that way your Shot-Maker dollars will also earn you Free Golf & Range Bucket Rewards