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Save with a Weekday 10-Pak

Sagamore-Hampton Golf Club's popular Weekday 10-Paks allow Golfers to save up to nearly 30% off of our normal weekday rack-rates. 10-Paks are designed for avid weekday players who are looking to get the most bang for their golfing-buck!
10-Pak Tip! Weekday 10-Paks are ideal for weekday League players

Off Season Pricing (Until May 19th & After September 30th)
*9-hole 10-Pak: $195
*18-hole 10-Pak: $331

*Senior 9-hole 10-Pak: $161
*Senior 18-hole 10-Pak: $289

Peak Season Pricing (May 21st thru September 30th)
*9-hole 10-Pak: $229
*18-hole 10-Pak: $382

*Senior 9-hole 10-Pak: $195
*Senior 18-hole 10-Pak: $340

Purchase a 10-Pak today at our online store! Click here to visit Sagamore-Hampton Golf Club's online store to purchase your 10-Pak today!

Important 10-Pak Notes!
*10-Paks are designed for weekdays and may be redeemed for play Monday thru Friday only
*10-Pak plays purchased during our Off-Season period may be used for play during our Peak-Season period

*10-Pak rounds do not expire
*We want Golfers to understand that our 10-Pak 'value' correlates with our OFF & PEAK season rate periods, so purchasing your 10-Pak during our Off Season period will provide you with the best overall value