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Dates & Hours of Operation

SHGC's Golf Season

Typically, our Golf Season begins around April 1st, and we'll remain open for play until the snow covers our greens... We always encourage golfers to call ahead or check our homepage during the early spring & winter months to confirm our 'open' status... Click here to visit SHGC's homepage or give us a call at 603-964-5341 (Note: Sagamore is closed on Christmas Day so that our staff may enjoy the Holiday with friends & family)

SHGC Opening Times

Being a popular Public Golf course, we do our best to offer as much 'Golf-Time' as we can for Golfers to benefit from... Below is an overview of our monthly opening times:

*April 1st thru April 15th: 8 am every day
*April 16th thru April 30th: 7 am weekdays & 6 am weekends/holidays
*May 1st thru May 15th: 6 am weekdays & 5:30 am weekends/holidays
*May 16th thru July 31st: 6 am weekdays & 5 am weekends/holidays
*August 1st thru August 15th: 6 am weekdays & 5:30 am weekends/holidays
*August 16th thru Labor Day: 6 am every day
*Day after Labor Day thru September 30th: 6:30 am every day
*October 1st thru October 15th: 7 am weekdays / 6:30 am weekends/holidays
*October 16th thru October 30th: 8 am weekdays / 7 am weekends/holidays
*November 1st until Close: 8 am every day
Important Note! If any time-change dates fall on a Saturday, the time-change will occur on the Monday immediately following that weekend

Frost Delays

Frost Delays are possible in the early Spring and late Fall seasons, so we ask that you please be prepared for them on colder mornings; frost delays can range from 15 minutes up to two hours (during very 'hard' frosts), but the latest we will ever hold golfers is 9 am