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Join Sagamore’s Rewards Club

If you play at Sagamore, we encourage you to join our popular Rewards Club... Once enrolled, every dollar you spend at Sagamore will go towards earning Free Golf and Range Buckets! Enrolling is FREE and earning points is super-easy... So what are you waiting for??? Join the Club and enjoy some FREE GOLF this season!

Sagamore's Reward Club Point System

  • $1 spent = 1 point earned
  • Every 200 points earned can be redeemed any time for a FREE medium range bucket
  • Every 300 points earned can be redeemed any time for a FREE round of 9-holes
  • Every 550 points earned can be redeemed any time for a FREE round of 18-holes
    Please note that point thresholds may change every so many years to correlate with our rates & greenfees

Here's How It Works

  • STEP 1: Enroll for FREE either online (see below) or in-person at any one of our three Sagamore locations (activation typically takes about 48-hours after sign-up)
  • STEP 2: Earn your points by letting our staff know that you're a Rewards Club member before you make any purchase and our POS system will keep track of your points (members will see their point balance on every receipt)
  • STEP 3: Once you've reached any of the point totals outlined above, you can redeem points anytime toward Golf or Range Buckets... Have fun, you earned it!

When enrolling as a new Sagamore 'Rewards Club' member, please be sure to provide your FULL NAME (both your first & last name), otherwise your enrollment will not be valid. We require your full name to help distinguish between Rewards Club members who may share the same last name, and most importantly, to make sure points are being awarded to the correct member... Thanks for your cooperation!